Citizen - Ring of Chain lyrics

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You could be my strength when I'm in

A reminder why, I can be a way for you in life

Admit we'd never fall

I was medicated but you're knew what I was

Yeah, I was beautiful, yeah, I was just a pretty boy


Yet I won't, yeah they won't let me in

They don't wear my skin!

And I know what the frighteners fit

Yeah I know, no one is human

Where you are, on the floor, where you oughta be

There's a quiet breeze and it sings for me

(Verse 2)

I was given wait from all the storms out

I chose the ways, and the bell strung out from you

So we clear me out, so keep the craze

I was barricaded, I am stronger now

From my restrains

Yeah, I was evident that I deserve to deviate



A ring of chain takes place in me

Where am I?

Thanks to al bumen for correcting these lyrics

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