Circa Survive

Circa Survive - Only The Sun lyrics

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Breaking in hell

All the entrances are closed

All the flows are boiling

Lookin’ at news

Out of everything you knew

You use every morning, every hour outside

We evaluate my eyes

I don’t know if I can

Turn this away

She is everywhere I say

I show every moment is like ...

And i want to break

But I can’t take away where you’ve been

All the unsolved energy we create


Show it in the eye

When you stay too close to every man

We evaluate my eyes

I don’t know if I can

And now the time is tearing us apart

Let me get what you want

I need what’s in the air

I want in the air

It’s just another breaking

It’s just a solid thinkin’ of you

It’s just another absence

It’s just silence in the option

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