Cinerex - twist & starts

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<b>twist & starts</b> by <i>Cinerex</i><br />I move in fits and twist and starts

Stop this merry-go-round

I want to get off

Get off on this

The shit the shiz the biz

Coming down like a fantastic waveness

Crashing and blowing and flowing through

Your brain is

Nothing is nothing and that's it

Something is something we want it

Wanting is taunting the rope is too tight to fit


Come on and get it while the getting's good

The goods is the word and the word's reverberating

The time is now and there is no hesitating

On my behalf I'd like to introduce the force

Of the

Free flowing syncopating

mind blowing revelating

Time rolling devastating mega force

Take course

Be sure

Be pure

Avoid detours


I move in fits and twists and starts

I want to get off

(c) tekst & muziek: Cinérex

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