Cinerex - feeling fine

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<b>feeling fine</b> by <i>Cinerex</i><br />Feelinf fine

Gonna wast sometime

Float on my magic water lily rhyme

I am no stranger

To That path

Mama done told me

And now I do it like that

Looking at the bigger picture

Set back in its spot after shakin it up

This pond is bigger

Than I Thought

Funny how it grows

When I, Is, There, Not

I have been simple free

Only trying to be me

Catch me on my flow yo

Give it up to the great get go

Just add me to free

Equel to the present state of be

Delicate baby

Singing on my swing

Swinging on my thing

Grooving in time

Delicate baby

Swinging on my swing

Singing on my sing

You've got that good thing

And now we search down low

Crawling across the floor

Looking for some more

Feeling what is bass

Cuz bass makes us happy on our face

(Does anybody out there hear me?)

(c) tekst & muziek: Cinérex

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