CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Somebody's Somebody

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Watchin' lovers walkin'<br>Hand in hand they pass me by<br>Wish I was one of them<br>Wish I had somebody<br>Wakin' up beside me<br>Looking into my eyes at night<br>I want a love to call my own<br>I want someone that I can hold<br>I want someone wanting me<br>Wanna feel how it feels to be<br><br>Chorus:<br>Somebody's somebody<br>Someone's someone<br>Some sweet lover's lover<br>I wanna be that one<br>Someone faithful to someone faithful<br>Someone kind to someone kind to me<br>Somebody to somebody who loves me<br><br>Spending all of my time<br>Spending all my time on me<br>Where is that someone who<br>I can give my time to<br>Searching for that lover<br>With the love that will change my life<br>I want two arms to hold me close<br>I want the thing I need most<br>Somebody needing me<br>So I can feel how it feels to be<br><br>Chorus<br><br>What I'm looking for<br>Is someone to love me more<br>Than I've ever been loved before<br>With love so right<br>What I need to find<br>Is someone to hold me tight<br>What I mean is I want to be<br><br>Chorus

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