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Ooh, ohh yeah yeah, ohh<br>Mmmm ohh, yeah<br><br>Our day will come and we'll have everything<br>And ooh, we'll share the joy<br>Falling in love can bring<br>And no one can tell me<br>That I'm too young to know<br>'cause I love you so ('cause I love you so)<br>And you love me yeah, ohh<br><br>Our day will come if we just wait awhile<br>And ooh, no tears for us<br>Make loving with a smile<br>And our dreams are meant to be<br>'cause we'll always stay<br>In love this way<br>Our day, will come<br><br>Our day will come<br>Will come<br>Our day will come (our day will come)<br>Will come<br>Our day will come<br>Will come (ooh)<br>Our day will come (yeah yeah yeah yeah)<br>Will come<br><br>Ooh, ohh yeah yeah, ohh<br>I said one day, our day, will come<br>One day, our day, will come<br>Ooh, and nothing can stand in our way, oh<br>Ohh, said nothing, nothing can, stand in our way<br><br>Our day will come (ohh, ooh...)<br>Will come<br>Our day will come (our day will come, yeah)<br>Will come<br><br>No one can change your mind<br>Baby you are one of a kind<br>Forever you'll be mine<br>We've got to get to know for me<br>You know I love you so<br>And I want the world to know<br>Forever, darling you will be my baby<br><br>Our day will come<br>Will come<br>Our day will come<br>Will come

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