See the Full Tracklist from Christina Aguilera's New Album Lotus

See the Full Tracklist from Christina Aguilera's New Album LotusThe American artist Christina Aguilera is promoting her upcoming seventh studio album "Lotus," due on November 14.

The tracklist for the deluxe edition was already posted on the internet for the fans curiosity about Christina's new release.

The lead single, "Your Body", was released on September 17, 2012.

Watch Christina Aguilera's Your Body Video Teaser

The album cover shows a radiant and provocative Christina, like a strong goddess in a lotus flower surrounded by pink petals and singing "I think you already know my name."

Aguilera declared to the Australian morning show "Sunrise" about her nude appearance on the album cover that: "When I look at it I don’t even see nudity — I see beautiful light... I wanted to do something that didn’t focus anything on fashion, or making a statement, or wearing labels or having anything to do with anything superficial. I wanted it to be raw and honest and real."

The powerful and sexy Christina Aguilera collaborates with Cee Lo Green from The Voice and Blake Shelton.

See the full tracklist below:

  1. Lotus
  2. Army Of Me
  3. Red Hot Kinda Love
  4. Make The World Move (feat. Cee Lo Green)
  5. Let’s Find Out
  6. Your Body
  7. Let There Be Love
  8. Sing For Me
  9. Blank Page
  10. Cease Fire
  11. Around The World
  12. Circles
  13. Best Of Me
  14. Shut Up
  15. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
  16. Empty Words
  17. Light Up The Sky
  18. Your Body