Christina Aguilera's snippet Express from 'Burlesque'

Christina Aguilera's snippet Express from 'Burlesque'Waiting for "Burlesque" premiere and its soundtrack album release, Sony Pictures has given a short snippet of Christina Aguilera's "Express" which is recorded for the movie. Since it is the very first track to be unveiled, it is likely to be the lead single.

"Starting in November you'll have the opportunity to show the world what you've got by lip syncing the song 'Express' from Burlesque using the 'Express Yourself' feature on the movie website," it was announced on the Sony Pictures official site. "So take a listen to the song and start practicing your best moves."

Out of twelve songs listed on the theme songs compilation, eight including "Express" are performed by Aguilera. Her co-star Cher sings two tracks and Kristen Bell as well as Alan Cumming have one each. The album will be released in the United States on November 16, but the movie will not hit theaters across the country until a week later on date 24.

This is "Burlesque" tracklisting:

"Welcome to Burlesque" - Cher
"Something's Got a Hold on Me" - Christina Aguilera
"Tough Lover" - Christina Aguilera
"Long John Blues" - Kristen Bell
"Diamonds" - Christina Aguilera
"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" - Cher
"Express" - Christina Aguilera
"But I Am a Good Girl" - Christina Aguilera
"A Guy Who Takes His Time" - Christina Aguilera
"Bound to You" - Christina Aguilera
"That's Life" - Alan Cumming
"Spotlight" - Christina Aguilera

Take a listen to that snippet of Express here: