Christina Aguilera releases new ballad Blank Page

Christina Aguilera releases new ballad Blank PageChristina Aguilera released the new full song of “Blank Page,” a few weeks after debuting the lead song “Your Body”. “Blank Page” is the second single off her seventh studio album “Lotus,” which is set to be released officially on November 13.

"I know there's hurt/ I know there's pain/ But people change/ Lord, knows I've been no saint/ In my own way/ Regret choices I've made/ How I do I say I'm sorry?/ How do I say I'm sorry?," that’s how it begins Aguilera her single.

The sweet ballad accompanied by the melodic piano show Christina’s soft, but strong vocals.
The chorus lyrics are hopeful: "Our spirits aligned and we'd never die/ Draw me a smile, and save me tonight/ I'll be your blank page waiting for you to bring me to life/ Paint me a heart, let me be your art/ I am a blank page waiting for life to start/ Let our hearts start and beat as one together/ Let our hearts start and beat as one forever."

“Blank Page” track was added by Christina on her Twitter account: "Sharing a special song from the new #LOTUS album - Blank Page. Enjoy! XoXtina."

The songstress will perform on November 18 at the American Music Awards but we don’t know yet which song will perform. "It's very exciting. It's definitely going to be a reflection of what Lotusmeans to me," Aguilera told MTV News. "If you take that album cover and give it a little performance twist, I'll bring that album cover to life, so it's going to be really fun."

Listen to Christina’s new single “Blank Page”: