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I can't believe what you did to me<br>Down on my knees and I need to break free<br>All these years you violated me<br>(violated me)<br>I don't know why I can't feel inside<br>I try to hide can't make it alright, it's overkill<br>Now I'm ready to fight<br>(ready to fight)<br>I don't need nobody tryin' to make me over<br>I just want to live simple and free<br><br>I just want to get away<br>Savin' all your bullshit for another day<br><br>Feeling confined like I'm bein' force fed<br>My visions blurry and I'm lost in regrets<br>It's overload and I'm outta control<br>(outta control)<br>So sick and tired of bein' misused<br>(so misused)<br>You're taking me down with all your mental abuse<br>And I said, I gotta get you outta my head<br>Everybody's always trying to look me over<br>I just wanna live simple and free<br><br>Chorus:<br>I just want to get away<br>Saving all your bullshit for another day<br>I'm the only one that can rescue me from me<br><br>Leaving the house around quarter to five<br>Zipped up my boots and I'm ready to ride<br>And I feel so high, I feel so alive<br>Let down my hair feel the wind on my skin<br>Crossin' the border where my new life begins<br>And I close my eyes and take it all in<br>I don't need nobody tryin' to make me over<br>(don't make me over)<br>I just want to live simple and free<br><br>Repeat chorus x2<br><br>You wanna break me down...(x3)

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