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Hey there boy did ya happen to know<br>Wherever you go I'll follow<br>Ooo babe you're like a cool breeze<br>On a summer day<br>When you're near me<br>I don't know what to do<br>I feel like a fool<br>Like a schoolgirl<br>True blue girl<br>Who wants to know<br>Can you come out and play<br>You make me feel the way a women is supposed to feel<br>Show you that my love's for real<br><br>I'll be the rain in your summer<br>The chill in your fall<br>I'll be whatcha want<br>Anything at all<br>I've got a love for all seasons<br>A love for all time<br>I'll be the fire in your sinter<br>The sun in your spring<br>I'll do whatever you want<br>Give ya everything<br>I've got a love for all seasons<br>A love for all time<br><br>I'll be there for you<br>Keepin' you warm<br>Through the storm<br>I'll guide you<br>Stand by you until the stars fall from the sky<br>When you call me<br>I never hesitate<br>Makin' you wait for my love<br>Never lie love<br>It's something I just can't deny<br>I'll read your each and every feelin'<br>When you need me to<br>So now I gotta let you know<br>This love's for you<br><br>You don't have to search no more<br>Baby you don't have to dream<br>Cause what I've got inside for you<br>It's all that you'll ever need<br>You don't have to search no more<br>My heart is yours<br>For real for sure<br>You don't have to wonder why<br>I'll never leave<br>I'll never lie

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