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Its impossible,<br>Its impossible to love you<br>If you don‘t, let me know, what your feeling<br>Its impossible, for me to give you what you need<br>If your always, hold it from me<br>I don't know what hurt you<br>I just, I wanna make it right<br>Cuz boy I'm sick and tired of tryin to read your mind<br><br>Cuz it's impossible<br>Oh, baby it's impossible<br>For me to love you... this way<br>Its impossible<br>Oh baby it's impossible<br>If your making it this way<br>(if you keep treating me this way<br>Over, and over.)<br><br>Impossible to make it easy<br>If your always trying to make it so damn hard<br>How can i, how can i, give you all my love baby<br>If your always, always putting up your guard<br>This is not a circus<br>Don't ya play me for a clown<br>How long can emotions keep on going up and down<br><br>Chorus

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