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(from next best thing soundtrack)<br><br>1 - don t make me love you till I m ready<br>Don t make me give you more than my kisses<br>I need you to go slow and steady<br>Don t make me love you till I m ready<br><br>Oh, why you wanna rush into my life<br>Don t you wanna stop and get to know me better<br>We got all the time in the world tonight<br>And if we re meant to be we ll be together, hmm<br>Stay around just slow it down<br>Till we find out if we got what it takes<br><br>Repeat 1<br><br>Everything I know about you so far<br>Makes me believe that you re the one for me<br>But there s still a lot that s on my mind<br>And I need time before we go further<br>Don t you see? <br>So hold me, hold me<br>But don t be thinking I don t want you too<br><br>Repeat 1 (2x)<br><br>It s been a little bit of a mystery<br>Let s wait till we have a bit of history<br>Behind ourselves ooh yeah<br>You don t got to be in such a rush<br>We can live for the moment if we trust<br>We ll be right here tomorrow, oh yeah<br><br>Don t make me love you, love you<br>Don t make me give you, uh, uh<br>I need you to go ooh yeah<br>Don t make me love you, uh, uh, oh yeah<br><br>Repeat 1 till end

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