CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Anywhere but Here

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There's no need for distance

No need for touch

No need for answers cuz I've heard enough

I've just found a chest some place out of reach

I entered the darkness and laid my release

(Pre Chorus)

And open my, open my heart

Sing like a nightingale open my, open my hands

When no one else understands


I just close my eyes

And count to 10

Breathin’ twice

And open them

Nowhere to go cuz I’ve been there before

In my mind it is near

I escape all I fear

So by closin’ my eyes

I am anywhere but here


There's no need for anger

Religion or faith

One glade of grief

Will always remain

It's not on the paper

Or a history book

It's a place to reunite with all that was took

(Pre Chorus)



Picture a land where you never have been

Where life is a eternal and ever green

The future of happiness inside end silently

He loved and you're lost for now in eternity, yeah


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