Christian Epidemic

Christian Epidemic - World Erased

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Above everything, within my

knowledge but against my will

A new God controls me, he who

Sees my blood soul, cold and still

Above everything, an infallible,

True feeling awaits

A world full of hate, a world

That God has put to it's fate

Above everything, my tired

Soul's being picked at by birds

At least i won't have to hear the

Last true human being's lying words

I'm not driven by passion

Not even passion of life or of love

I'm not driven by my anger

With the purpose of my evil words

I see my pretty wife

In a broken mirror

She's washing her dress

From bloodstained to snow white

A naked child within the ruins

Standing here in the fresh, white snow

His tearful eyes just can't conceive

That they have left him all alone

His trembling lips speak unfamiliar words

Questions accuses no one hears his say

He sees no one's left to guide his way

I'm so ashamed my living body rots away

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