Christian Epidemic

Christian Epidemic - Silentium

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May your body and soul be silent

Let God's hand slowly lift you out

His touch will be terribly painful

The secret of darkness will leave you in doubt

I'm the lovechild of dawn and its dew

And I proclaim silentium

Three hundred thousand gates of widom

Have opened themselves to me

The flesh of my body has become

Burning fire Metatron

When the keeper of the world of souls has spoken

No ash or bone is left unbroken

You hear the sound of unheard prayers

And sin starts to dominate your heart

You must burn up the earthly realm you have left

And open the gate to a new existence

You will forget how to laugh forever

And you will learn to hate your tears

You feel your unredeemed heart filling

With the ice-cold blood of all your fears

Everyone of you will undergo

The skinning of a human being

You'll chew your tongues through the unbearable pain

And drink one anothers saliva

They'll rip ypur peregnant mother's womb apart

With your broken bones and bloody heart

Then take the innocent body of your onlu child

And get every madmen and animal ready to fertilize

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