Chrishan - 1 Gift ft. Kyle Christopher lyrics

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Walking in the high heels on

Nothing but the fire ..set it off

This girl play her favorite song

Whisper in the ear all the thing you want yeah

Pre Chorus:

Girl it’s Christmas Eve nobody else around

Just you and me say none is going down yeah

I’m going side gotta have you so damn bad

This night to ain’t got to forget noh yeah


I’ma work it nobody girl all through the night

Till you make your thing alive yeah yeah

Once again behind it girl i’ma do you right

Will be making that love in life yeah yeah

You’re the one get that open up yeah yeah yeah x 2

Girl your ..water flow

We can make it storm anyway you want

Tonight it’s all about good love

and girl i gotta over till the sun comes up

[Pre Chorus:]


Baby if you get it i’ma give it all again x4


You’re the one

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