Chris Young

Chris Young - Gettin' You Home (the Black Dress Song)

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<br>Tuxedo waiters, black ties <br>White tablecoths, and red wine <br>We've been plannin' this night, lookin' forward to it <br>for some time <br>Honey I know you love gettin' dressed up <br>And you know I love showin' you off <br>Watchin' your baby blue eyes, dancin' in the candlelight glow <br>All I can think about, is gettin' you home <br> <br>(Chorus) <br>Walkin' through the front door, <br>Seein' your black dress hit the floor <br>Honey there sure ain't nothing, like you lovin' me <br>All night long <br>And all I can think about, is gettin' you home <br> <br>I don't need this menu, no I don't <br>I already know just what I want <br>Did I hear you right? Did you tell me <br>Go pay the waiter, and let's leave <br>Honey I know by that look in your eyes <br>And your hand drawin' hearts onto mine <br>That our night out of the house, ain't gonna last too long <br>When all you can think about, is gettin' me home <br> <br>(Repeat Chorus 2x)<br><!-- stopprint -->

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