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Chris Echols - Shake In Ur Legs lyrics

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Girl we got clothes everywhere

As i see doing the ..

I know that i hear silence..shake

too much to you to shake your hand, hand hand

With the music playin do you want some more

The fantasy is all hooked you say open the window

‘cause going inside love you but his losing control

He try to keep composure ‘cause girl i make until my time

You say you’re hurt, you say you’re hurt

And girl ..until i take you .. you ..


‘cause i know whatever it is whatever it takes to me, to me, to me, to me

Girl .. what you want till i’m gonna get you .., get you ..

Come with us when i’m done you

Shake shake shake shake your legs,

Shake shake shake shake your legs, if you go head

Shake shake shake shake your legs,

Shake shake shake shake your legs,

Shake it darling ..on my bed

I won’t be done until you have the shake in your legs

We can ..the house

The bed from the kitchen on the strairs stairs, stairs, stairs

And the neighbors know how i get your ..when i’m there, there, there, there

With the music playin till i’m gone deeper than before

Before the morning ..

Is ..something guarantee

Take your all sex vacation do your legs are even shaking

‘cause girl i lick until my time gets tired, gets tired

And girl i’ll stroke until i take you higher, you higher


Go get no better thing

Don’t get, don’t get no better thing

I’ma have to shake it in your legs

Gonna ..can’t forget it

Just might have f*ck up your hand

Once i started there’s no ..


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