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Chris Echols - Scobby lyrics

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Ft Temper


First lil hear me that

RIP to Big Cous'

I was fucked up, then I lost Roosevelt

Cryin' like a baby, feelin' like a nigga long gone

Still goin' hard, yeah nigga, wassup

Showin' everybody from my town you could do whateva

Make it out the hood, make yo life betta

Stay up on yo grind, neva eva settle

I got niggas in Feds doin' time

Rollin' up anotha swisha to ease my mind

Got me thinkin' of a plan that'll make it alright

And we'll be fine, in due time

I got a vision, I can see my momma ridin' in a BenZ

So I'm goin' in till I'm on top

Tell my niggas locked up in the pen

We go all the way, if you down, then this shit'll neva stop

Workin' on the day, I get my niggas from the block

Glide to ya main, I ain;t comin' from alot

Put my faith in God, so my head neva drop

Just tellin' all my niggas that we are where we at

Becus we


Do everything just tryna make it out

Out of Thug Town, out of Thug Town

Roll up on my family, I know how

Out of Thug Town, out of Thug Town

I just wanna show the kids there's anotha way

Tell my momma she can quit and we ok

Small town, lotta jealousy and hate

But when they ask me where I'm from I'mma say

I'm from Thug Town

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