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Chris Echols - Rihanna lyrics

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Why the fuck did you run from your house?

We should get out

We haven't smoked in a while, you can roll

See how it goes

I miss licking you from your head to your toes

You know that I did

I don't know if you know but I know who you are

You can be big as Rihanna

Just get in the car, baby

Let's make a roll, don't make other plans

You got these hoes hate and you fuckin' the man

Yo no.1 fan, pull yo dress up and I fuck you right then

We turnt up on Ten, I might hit it that night then I hit it again

The morning come in, you so in demand, nah nah

You can be big as Rihanna

Get undressed, taking them pictures

You all in the mirror, you know you a stunner

Workin' it, takin' yo business, a hell of a woman

Lil momma, I promise

You could have seen every time they got none on you

If you want me to be honest

You can be big as Rihanna

You can be big as Rihanna

Kicking my way like a punner

She get her money and keep it 100

I will always lay a pipe like a plumber

Smoke presidential like talking Obama

Don't give a fuck if it ain't about commas

Girl, I think you can be big as Rihanna


I mean, I think you a superstar right nah

You on yo shit, you take care yo business

You own yo money, can't no-one tell no bullshit

About ya life, 100, errthing check out

That's what I see, I see the potential

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