Chris Brown

Video premiere: Chris Brown's full-directed 'Turn Up the Music'

Video premiere: Chris Brown's full-directed 'Turn Up the Music'Just two days after revealing a behind-the-scenes video, the R&B crooner Chris Brown has premiered his full-directed "Turn Up the Music" clip on his VEVO channel. "Turn Up the Music" is the lead single of Chris Brown's upcoming album Fortune, a club track for each the Grammy-awarded singer filmed a great video featuring elaborated and cool dance routines.

The clip opens in the early hours of the morning, when the R&B singer is sitting alone on the street in Los Angeles. He calls a cab and ask the driver to take him to the best club in town, but he wakes up surrounded with people wearing animal masks. Dressed in a black-and-white suit, Chris starts singing and dancing in the middle of the club.

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Fortune is scheduled to be released on March 16th, and was produced by The Underdogs and Fuego.