Chris Brown

Legal System is Racist says Chris Brown

Legal System is Racist says Chris BrownChris Brown thinks the American legal system is 'racist' as he was ordered to do more community service. He must do 1,000 hours of community service due to an alleged violation of his probation.

He encouraged those against him to focus on issues he deemed more serious and pointed out that his feelings are reflected in his artwork.

"Na done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist as crying to the judge that I didn't do it. Fk the SYSTEM!' he posted on Twitter.

"How about y'all take care of all the homeless kids and families on skid row. Promote helping people that are really f**ked up in your city!...Family first! The LAW...last.

'I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u bhas nas and this b*has system!"

It is said that Chris was involved in hit-and-run accident in May and he got dismissed for the charge

He avoided up to four years in prison when the DA brought the case against him despite the alleged victim, identified as Olga Gure-Kovalenko, stating she did not wish to pursue a claim, according to TMZ.

He remains on probation for his 2009 assault conviction stemming from an altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The 24-year-old is still is fuming about having to carry out tasks which could include cleaning beaches or graffiti removal.

'Most of the rap n*as make me sick! All political! It's hip hop. All that gangsta st y'all talk in y'all records... Boof!' he shared.

'Grow some balls and y'all not being fashionable wit y'all grandmother's curtains on. Any problems... See my "by myself". I don't give a f**k no more. My hands work just fine!'