Chris Brown

Chris Brown Unveils 6-Song X-Files Mix-tape

Chris Brown Unveils 6-Song X-Files Mix-tapeAlthough Chris Brown’s X album still doesn’t have an official release day, the singer figured out a way to hook his fans with some new music in the meantime.

The American recording artist, dancer, and actor invited fellow artists like, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and Kid Ink along for the ride on his X-Files Mixtape featuring six tracks. “War For You,” “Waiting,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Love 2 Remember,” “Fantasy,” and “Main Chick” are the songs that managed to thrill Brown’s fans!

While in “War For You,” Chris tells his lady that she’s safe with him, by stating that “I’mma make sure you're safe with me/I be smokin’that Cali/Baby me and you can fly,” in songs like “Waiting”, the artist laments over a broken relationship, “You're a star now, all up on TV. I made you famous cause I put you in the street/Back and forth with the games/Girl you played me.” As we can notice, it seems that Chris doesn’t want to discuss his recent legal problems in his songs, and that he only focuses on love issues and promises.

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