Chris Brown

Chris Brown 'sued for $3M'

Chris Brown 'sued for $3M'Chris Brown was sued for $3 million for causing pain and suffering to Frank Ocean’s cousin.

The incident between the singers and their group took place after a parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio earlier this year.

Ocean’s cousin Sha'Keir Duarte claimed he was injured and has filed legal documents accusing Brown of causing 'pain and suffering'.

Duarte filed the lawsuit against Chris in August, according to media reports.

Sha'Keir Duarte is reportedly seeking $1 million for "pain suffering and inconvenience", $1 million for "emotional distress", $1 million in punitive damages and $60,000 for medical expenses.

"Duarte claims Brown's bodyguard brutalised him... and in his court docs he itemises his list of damages complete with price tags."

It is not the first time when Chris and Ocean were involved in a scandal. Last July, Brown was forced to deny aiming a homophobic slur towards Ocean when asked his opinion on the star.