Chris Brown

Chris Brown is Out of the Hook

Chris Brown is Out of the HookChris Brown is a happy man. He managed to avoid jail time, the hit-and-run case in which he was involved being dismissed by the judge.

Although the prosecutors accused the rapper of being violent at the crime scene, the victim of the accident, Olga Gure-Kovalenko, who allegedly Chris named a 'b***h', wanted the case to be dismissed too as the damage was insignificant.

According to the singer's attorney, Mark Geragos, his client's violent reputation unfairly precedes him.

"The case never should have been filed in the first place,' the lawyer said after the hearing. 'It's unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he's done.

If he had been found guilty, the musician could have faced up to four years in prison.