Chris Brown

Chris Brown Feat. Justin Bieber 'Next 2 You' Music Video!

Chris Brown Feat. Justin Bieber 'Next 2 You' Music Video!The much awaited music video from Chris Brown And Justin Bieber for their song together 'Next 2 You' has leaked online. The clip was directed by Colin Tilley and as Chris once said it features them living in a town which turns into a complete chaos.

"I would play it to the actual song, and at one point of the song, there were all these dancers dancing on these street elements like benches and tables and stuff like that".

While the Canadian singer has a happy ending and ends the video with a magical kiss with his on-screen girlfriend, Breezy joins the confused town residents and wanders on the chaotic streets. Watch the video below:

Chris Brown 'Next 2 You' Feat. Justin Bieber :