Chris Brown

Chris Brown Could Face Jail Time

Chris Brown Could Face Jail TimeChris Brown pled not guilty on his hit-and-run case on Tuesday, July 23.

In May, the “Fine China" singer rear-ended Olga Gure-Kovalenko’s car, and according to the victim’s declaration, the artist refused to share his driver license and his insurance information on the scene, which is considered to be an offence in California State. Fortunately for the American artist, these charges brought by prosecutors were dropped on this Tuesday meeting. Also, Olga decided not to move forward in court with the case.

However, Chris cannot say he’s off the hook, since the DA's office is determined to find him guilty. Last week the judge revoked his probation in connection to the 2009 felony assault case, which involved his former girlfriend, singer Rihanna. A hearing has been scheduled for August 16 to determine whether the probation revocation will stand. The singer could face up to 4 years in jail for the probation violation.