Chris Brown

Brown Not Allowed To Talk about Rihanna in Rehab

Brown Not Allowed To Talk about Rihanna in RehabChris Brown is currently in rehab, and apparently is not allowed to talk about Rihanna.

The artist is undergoing three months of treatment for anger management issues, and according to his therapist, the 2009 domestic abuse incident with Rihanna still has a powerful toxic impact on him and it would be better for the pop star not to talk or think about Rihanna.

“[Chris] doesn't think or even talk about Rihanna because she's one of the negatives in his life,' a source told Hollywood Life. “She as a person, is not negative, but the events and situations that happened when they were together were extremely negative and stressful on Chris. He talks about that in therapy, but when the sessions are over, they tell him not to discuss or even think about her.”

Chris’s therapists recommended him to focus on positive thoughts only, and to work on coming to terms with his actions. The artist is encouraged to talk about Rihanna in therapy sessions only.

“It's too painful and he already paid his price for what he did but everyone only seems to focus on that and it's killing him softly,' the source revealed. “So he's been told by professionals to erase those negative thoughts and situations he had with her from his mind.”

Chris and Rihanna had a controversial relationship over the past year. According to Chris, he reportedly ended it in May, implying that he was not ready for a serious commitment.

“The way I look at it is, I am always going to love that person,” Chris told hosts on the Kyle and Jackie radio show.” “But people have differences and people have different wants and needs. And at the end of the day, she's a young girl. I can't really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young.”