Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Back To Sleep (Remix)

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Ft. Usher, Zayn, Miguel, August Alsina, Bryson Tiller, Tyrese & Tank

(Intro: Usher)

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

Get up, get up, get up, get up

Usher baby

Ooh, oh-oh-oh

I'm gonna luv ya, yeah

Baby, ooh, oh oh oh

Soon as I touch ya there

(Verse: Usher)

Come and ride on me like the waves

I flip the pages cause I wrote the book on the way how to sex ya up

Sex ya up! We can do it like I'm on the stage

We'll have an audience

Baby I'll show ya the way that I sex ya up

Or I could lick ya up and down till ya say

Ya luv how I eat on that pwussy

Just might go put a tat on that pwussy

That's says Usher, Usher

There's no otha, otha

Damn girl, yeah ya got that juicy

Luv when I make ya cum

I make it gushy


I'm the champion luva, luva

Fuck ya to sleep, wake ya up again

I be so deep ya

Girl come and sit on my tongue again

Cause I luv to taste ya yeah

I can tell ya been eatin' yo pineapples

Girl yo pussy taste like pineapples

Girl when I hit yo G, ya feel like ya gon' be

Baby cum for me


Just let me rock, fuck ya back to sleep girl

Don't say a word no, girl don't ya talk

Just hold on tight to me girl
Fuck ya back to sleep girl rock ya back

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)

Now where ya been, it's been a year

Baby I ain't seen ya, ya know I miss ya

Baby let me luv ya back to sleep once more

And I know we don't speak no more

But I just wanna tell ya I'm sorry

For fucking around wit Keisha and MaKayla

For all the Georgia peaches in Decatur

For all these bitches in the elevator

I just want ya to luv me

Yeah baby don't test me

Ya know I'll do it

Ya want me to say yo name girl?

Okay, Karrueche!


(Verse 3: Zayn)

Baby just stay comfortable, I want ya as ya are

Baby just lay there naked waitin' for me

Let's not get emotional, let's be who we are

Can we do that? Can we do that? Can we

Know it's been a long day

It's about to be a long night

So keep yo eyes closed till I roll through

So baby when you're feelin' like a women in the sheets

Somebody splittin' yo knees

Don't worry that's me

I'm ova here puttin' work in

Baby, ya ain't got to tell me what ya want



Ain't sorry that I woke ya, ain't sorry 'bout ya job

Call sick in the mornin' so I can get a little bit more of yo luv

Ain't sorry that I woke ya, ain't sorry 'bout ya job

Call sick in the mornin' so I can get a lil bit more of yo luv

Right back, rock ya back, right back, rock ya back

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