Chris Brown & Tyga

Chris Brown & Tyga - G Sh-T lyrics

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haha you know a lot of girls say a lot of things to me

saying they this and that

but i aint listening

cause im on sum g s-it

young money

[Tyga - Verse 1]

uh im in this b-tch till my eyes white

they say im all hype

miss me if you blink twice

if ur head p-ssy right ima f-ck u all night

the rockstar young Beatle tell em good night

kiss dada Momma love em about ma dolla

space (?) bills up I’m (?)

ice water cash make my d-ck larger

I sex harder make u sweat sauna

haha dope n-gga f-ck dope b-tches

from the city were lonesome and dose d-ckies

B side with the barbie dats 250

let her kiss on ma neck but no hickies (no hickies)

driveway like sincity make a movie with the star let the lights hit ya

haha she think i aint gone get but im a fly n-gga i aint trippin

shawty so…

[Chris Brown - Chorus]

it really dont matter to me

im lovin all these girls

cuz all these girls love me under the sheets

bout to party wid ya body

im a freak money aint a thang thang and ima do ma thang thang

im on sum g sh-t baby on sum g sh-t baby

[Chris Brown - Verse 2]

haha yeah look Lou Vuitton red bottoms cuz she that nice

her body stack right miss her if u blink twice

and never compare her to the rest cuz she so far

she got security with her I call her lonestar

YSL fly as hell with them french tips

lets hit the water set sail give me french kisses

people flashing everywhere that we go

ice cold n-gga but the chain still rocky row

ice cream im f-ckin with them ice queens long hair pretty yellow bone lightning

cuz shes exciting I take her clothes off I kiss it three times and then I doze off haha cuz I’m the best whoever did it and shes the best cuz she wid me

she think I aint gone hit it but I’m a fly n-gga I aint trippin shawty so

[Chris Brown - Chorus]

[Chris Brown - Verse]

Fresh planes drive her to my jet-way

1st class yeah thats where my chef stay

I’m ahead of you n-ggas I skip 1 grade

on islands and yachts with my louis shades

[Tyga - Verse]

uh yeah but like Gucci Mane baby have sum lemonade

umbrella drink dessert souffle

patrone shot straight turn a n-gga two-face

hot drunk girls say they love my baby face

[Chris Brown]

uh but I’ma still keep it G though (yeah)

captain of my ship and I aint never wearing speedos (no)

my (?) bone on she let me bone on

poke her now chauffeur take her home


put it on my camera phone I know I’m wrong

but I’m in too deep uh me alone

she fall in love with every love song she wanna be in love uh

[Chris Brown - Chorus]


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