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[Intro: sample of "All Good Things (Come to an End)" by Nelly Furtado]"Flames to dust, lovers to friends""Why do all good things come to an end?""Flames to dust, lovers to friends""Why do all good things come to an end?"[Chino XL]So there are no misconceptions let's clear it upI'ma spit it from my heart, I'm tired of tearin upWhy won't you just admit, I was ready to commitYou was on your material shit like my ring wasn't good enough (yeah)I put myself at a disadvantage, emotional mannersCould barely manage to wake in the morning, was so sadDrownin myself in alcohol, and blamin it all on myselfAnd my financial status wasn't even that low (nah)You promised you would love me even if I went brokeYou promised to love my previous children, what a joke (yeah right)We knew the end result when you're mom called me a nigger, I never considered the woman that I'd take a bullet for would be the same one behind the triggerWith like a great conversation stopped in mid-sentenceShe said she'd changed her mind, her new one hasn't made a differenceTo light your cigarettes I would've set myself on fireLovin you more than I did myself but felt I was on trialYou did what was best for my child no problem so I moved inYou'll always be found guilty in the court of a one side chick (for real)Was wanted in relationships where nobody smilesBut it was cheaper to keep her like a lease when you over the milesSomeday you'll wake up knowin that you lost a precious diamondwhile you were out collectin regular stones, so triflinGo 'head and live in Gomorrah, you ain't takin my daughterWanna walk out of my life? I'll hold the door open for ya (yeah)Sleep in scarlet[Chorus: Nelly Furtado sample] + (Chino XL)"Flames to dust, lovers to friends""Why do all good things come to an end?" (I hope you sleep in scarlet)"Flames to dust, lovers to friends""Why do all good things come to an end?"[Chino XL]Now as I look up at the night skyI'm gettin really tired of playin Mr. Nice GuyWhen you refused to love me back, bitch you must be highBut you're so fine and that's just makin my anger intensifyAnd plus you thankin God, I raise my hand and testifyThen put it on my father's grave that I really triedI went against my own life advise, you're my demise, both of us can not survive unless you get out of my life, I swear I've had my last cryMy name is Derek and I loved you the best way I canMy braids and famous name pierced right through your skinBlood's my liquid love letterAnd your desire to be desired pushed you in the arms of who you thought was better (wrong!)She said, "I swear I didn't sleep with him"Of course you didn't, cause you was wide awake while you was cheatin with him (yeah!)Fuck marriage, your excuses, and fuck your answersAnd fuck wedding rings, they're the world's smallest handcuffs (never!)Threats of castration for every missed callwhen me bustin a nut on your face was better than a Hallmark card (remember!)Don't fear eight men with gunsFear one woman with a grudge, when you no longer want the bunsMy heart was a broken tansmission while my world shiftedFeelin like killin a whore ass like Robert Willie PicktonBlessed art thou amongst women thoughBut stop claiming you're my soulmate when you ain't even got a soulSleep in scarlet[Chorus][Chino XL]I keep attractin the wrong ones like a sicknessOnly time that I say "I do" is in front of "not trust bitches"In secret I wonder if we could've weathered the storm'Til death do us part like Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun (perfect)I'd be lying if I said I didn't have regretsLet's get our marriage license, have 'em write it on an Etch A SketchI think if I went to her doorstep and she seen me hurt and I could turn it all around and she would take me back for certainMaybe it's my past relationships that's dangerousOr, maybe I was usin you to fill all my emptinessAnd if Picasso was alive he would've painted youBut you're insane and loose, forsaken love for a tight-paid Maloof{?} (biatch!)The world is tainted and fuckedWe're livin in a world where love's no longer appreciated, it is hated and mockedI'm like an animal that's been kicked out of a zooBut it's true, you are what you love and not what loves youBut now I'm riding right, cause our relationship lifewas like a bit of lemon keeping me up out of the limelightPut it to memory how women change to vipersAnd phone numbers and condoms are a lot easier to change than diapersIt's kind of bizarre and, your momma should've named you CarmenCause the only thing that you talk about are cars and men (crazy!)You'll probably get caught up and abducted with chloroformYou can call me whatever you want, but call me gone~! (yeah!)Sleep in scarlet[Chorus][Chino XL] Your throat'll drip rubies!{*whispered until fade*}I won't let anyone come between us anymore

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