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Chino XL - Eight Beginnings lyrics

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Eight Beginnings / (chino Xl[Mystic]Mmm... a, child (a child)Brutally subjected to what a child should never feelHis innocence was splattered on the walls as angels surrounded himA, child (a child)Placed in his small hands shards of pain and jagged pieces of hatredHe was given all the tools with which to destroy himselfBut, he has notSuch is the beauty of resilience in a child who became a manwho intricately and deliberately breaks cycles dismantling, everything, that hurtsHanding his children the gifts, that he was once deniedHe told me he's trying to get his wings backMy love, you can't lose your wingsYou simply have to remember how to use them (remember)But, fair warning, he can and will destroy youif you so much as threaten what he lovesHe remains a partly wounded warrior, on an honorable quest for forgivenessShining, go, show them your heart (show them)You are exactly, who you, should be

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