Chimaira - Resurrection

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Free at last, finally tasting happiness;

5 years of hell for nothing

Trapped inside the mind of failure.

A wise man once said,

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

But we were dead, so are we now invincible?

Determination; Perserverance; Resolution...


Final straw; Underlying ignorance;

Consumed by greed and hate (and hate)

Kept under the feet of tyrants.

Reality kicked in;

Raced against time just to start all over!

Treated like shit, pushed aside and expendable

Determination; Perserverance; Resolution...


We have become, So god damn powerful

All the beatings you gave us

We will use them against you

Determination, Perserverance, Resolution... Resurrection

Free At last

Finally tasting happiness

The Resurrection

Thanks to Ward for these lyrics

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