Children Of Bodom

Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos lyrics

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No place of mind from quietude

Haunting nitemares fallow throw

The panic that lingers in my eye til I rip up, make angels all on contort the silence sight

My dark is twisted secrets grave light

Every night’s the same

The world is sleeping, yet my demonds keep come creepin’ in night

Thow the cracks of my shattered mind

Mayhem, warth I claim thee mine

And both the sun and moon till shi


End of time just kill the quetly

Hear my cries, and sharp and count down

Bury my crimes

Somewhere deep within

This nowhere keep and bang this

Simply I just work shit in chaos


Turmoll, terror I now conjure

The hell in my head please do conquer

So I throw down, kickin’ and screamin’ the plat is on the ground discarder and bleedin

And the noise is gone that’s why

I stir up the chaos as one


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