Childhood - Pay For Cool

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The only think I have is only …such a dumn

Say now what a satisfaction do you have

...tell and you like it just like you

All that I can prove it flys away, fly away

Does this place is fake but the things you see

Finding that something, finding …all the things that you want to be

I mean the things you’ll be …

Finding the one, finding what’s good, with all the people that you want in

Now you think I’m wrong, now you know it’s gone

The only thing I know is how I …

Time and vision and my time is on …

You balling to the zone and I get something just for me

All that I get on will found to late, found o late

Now you think I;m wrong

Does this place reflex that things you see

. ..finding what’s wrong, finding the place that you want to be

I just think that you need no body

Finding what’s wrong

Now you think I’m wrong

Beyond the thing I do is all the things that you do

Say it …things that you make last

…finds the way, finds the way, finds the way

Now you think I’m wrong

Now you know all, now you know it all

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