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Chief Keef - G L O G A N G lyrics

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Ft. Andy Milonakis


GLOGANG, money we get plenty

Thots we get plenty, niggas can’t come near we

Cuz niggas out here snakes

Nigga's act like they are friends, they fake on

They want the food up on your plate

Thou they want your shoes they want your skates


I’m bout my money, all of that, sure you do, all kind of

Know she fuck me cuz my money fine and get it kinda of that

Hear me like, they ain’t right, hear me they ain’t right

That’s about the money, on the table, you know we gotta get down

Bad bitch, gotta hit that, I fly and you better do me

I get with the two bando, walf get on and better do me

Banz be on me and they elegant man

Try to keep the shit, I try to keep man

Tell you man, og my God, man

I ain’t fallow you man

Diamonds in my chain, blang, blang, blang

Bitches come on four ring

The shitters want so loud so I can’t hear you come

I be balling out and they can’t come bang in here



Got more pints than a blood drive

Power afford this is mud life

Up and PJ that’s how we fly

They see im rich and they ask me way

Sosa and Sace we gonna catch this homi

GLOGANG we about to catch this body

Cut the tennis ball, hid the crack in it

People thought I’m on kids ____(?)

You don’t know the traffic, Chicago to Manhattan

And you know wild boys always be clappin

Bang-bang 3 hunnit

Andy Milonakis will get that bitch and want it


Thanks to Allen Che for correcting these lyrics

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