Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang - Grab A Plate

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uh, yeah, 2012

we here forever though

go to places that they never go

i swear to god, man, they never show

yeah, uh, yeah

chiddy i was ?

focused on the game it gets

a little stressed for her son was over-spontaneous

focused on the change again, left school buttoned up

fresh few, i bet i probably end up with the brain again

superhero you could catch me in the radius

i'm peter parker and they doctor octavius

and could i get a bitch that's armenian, arabian

i'm goin' in nigga, man somebody call damien

cause his pops would be proud of what we just rolled up

that nigga chiddy at your school? man, hold up

and you wanna see me in a few girl?

just send a dm and then i might show up

chyeah, now that's swelly

somebody pass the juice now i'm mac velli

she tried to get my number to meet me up at the telly

i could give you my twitter, but i can't give you my celly

that's real rap, chyeah

and she just caught up in a loophole

told her i should introduce her to the new soul

and if you let me, i promise never neglect ya

know them niggas brought you down, but i'mma resurrect ya

as a matter of fact, we gon' do big things, what's the matter with that?

my cabbage is patched, grabbin' her back

she wanna smoke? you gotta match

yeah, that's terrific

should i be more specific?

and i be out in cali in the west, that's pacific

i got a couple bitches on that coast that i should visit

yeah, uh, in my spare time

just incorporated swell airlines

so we don't worry 'bout losses, so take a l, here

fuck it i'm the fresh prince of swell air

and life's a process, i'm just going through step one

poppa wasn't a rolling stone, my nigga i met one

of course it's him, jumped up in the water we were forced to swim

now i'm strokin' 'em all, breakfast orderin'

we're more than friends, a quarter, spend a hundred then we high

as we want it, i woke up this morning and got fly as i wanted

oh, the power of choice, uh

it get's paid by the hour, my voice

that's when we, that's when we book up

witness that's when we cook up

holla at me if ya hear me, yeah i got the hook up

team swell, if you don't know us you should look up

i got a jumping jack, but i prefer my kush ups

and it's looking up, we out to space

hear your wack flows and that shit is out of date

i swear this year we got a lot, boy, without a say

don't worry mama, i'm gon' show you how that prada tastes

we out of state, we gotta pay

situations we gotta make the best of it

so at the end, it's breakfast, grab a plate

(grab a plate, grab a plate, grab a plate, grab a plate)

dr. dough-man, philly

xaphoon jones, man

i'm so stupid


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