Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang - Breakfast

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[Verse 1:]

When the bass knock, the beat so hard

Got the 808 drum to make your face knot

Other rappers they chill, but we still flow I'll

Got the shit to make you rock like Aesop

We gon' stay hot, that's forever and ever

Like a vacay where the weather is better

Flyer than a bird we ain't on the same feather

Track number two: Never

We onto new things

The type of jam to get loose with

And when they play us on the radio

Who's this?

Change the rules

Throw away the rubric

And if you paid you can only be useless

Hella smoke

We be ridin' straight Snoop shit

And I ain't never told a lie

See the truth is

And we do this to the snare

Live from the home of the Prince of Bel-Air

Well if you ain't got it you can straight welfare

And you can tell where

Above and beyond

Pro James Bond

And this fly shit is a part of me

And don't I keep it flowing like an artery?

Take cash, trees never shatter

We ain't step it up

We just raise up the ladder

Gaze at us when we race past

Brand new Chiddy with the Ms. Kate Nash

[Kate Nash sample:]

Skeleton you are my friend

But you are made of bone

And you have got no flesh and blood

Running through you to help protect the bone

Skeleton we have been friends for years

And you have seen me through some trials

And tribulations and some tears

But everybody thinks I'm weird

[Verse 2:]

Yeah me too

Keep a bad chick right near me, too

Can you hear me dude?

You understand

The words comin' out of my mouth

Swelly no doubt

Prolly in a robot or exit

Rapless on a plane eating breakfast

Not an SAT so don't test this

Your favorite rapper cool

But we be on some next shit

Calamari, I'm sorry we got the best food

I'm in the lab and a fetus like a test tube

From where it's hotter than a sauna

If you are arriving then you're probably a goner

Yeah they may ball

But they're probably Juwanna

And whenever I am off

Then I'll probably be on her

I get to zone in, and then I zone off

For this fly shit you gotta cut your phone off

Phone lost, higher at the telegan

This is not a freestyle

It's a skeleton

Skinny rapper in the room

I'm an elephant

Stay clear for all the birds and the pelican

Shake the bass, and then we take the place

All swell, Carvel, this takes the cake

F shakes the snakes

Pushing down the stairwell

And this is live from the pilot, Air Swell

[Kate Nash sample:]

And I should have known

That it wouldn't be long

Until you, you've got me standing in an awkward position

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