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Cherish movie - Breakdown

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Song by Tom Petty<br /><br>

It's alright if you love me, <br>

It's alright if you don't <br>

I'm not afraid of you runnin' away honey, <br>

I've got this feeling you won't <br>


Say there ain't no use in pretending, <br>

Your eyes give you away <br>

Something inside you is feeling like I do, <br>

We said all there is to say <br>


Breakdown, <br>

go ahead and give it to me <br>

Breakdown, <br>

take me through the night <br>

Breakdown, <br>

go ahead give it to me, <br>

Breakdown, <br>

it's alright, <br>

It's alright, <br>

it's alright<br>


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