Chelsea - Back On The Crazy Train lyrics

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We've been looking for something not far away

And we get the feeling we've started to look thin

It doesn't matter what you say

Don't get good and the games will _____(?)

Kinda hard to win you by

To the people that took you for a _____(?)

(Verse 2)

It doesn't matter who they are

Do you really care anymore?

Take a look at their faces

What you see, the blurring lightning


Back On The Crazy Train

Cause I'm out

Back On The Crazy Train

No-one can lie

Back On The Crazy Train

(Verse 3)

All the cuts and bruises burn up my skin

I've no time for losers, a cheap game it does(?!)

It doesn't matter what they think

We don't care what's done your ____(?)

Off the road, corner side, it's my turn to run, get down!

(Guitar solo)

(Verse 4)

If you hear them coming, go and turn away

And don't say you know me

You got nothing to say

You don't know who we are

A gotten name and a face from the dust

Take it to nowhere, figure a start

Tossing magazines down Scotland Yard


(Guitar solo)

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