Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lankes - Paralyzed

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Sittin' so close, your leg touches mine

The way you hold back, I can tell its a sign, a sign

When we stayed up too far and stared at the ceilin'

Laughed about nothin', I could tell it was real, was real

But why try if always "almost" is the best I get to

I'm high, you've got me wrapped around your fingertips, you


Every night, every room, every time I'm with you

I'm in paradise, I'm in paradise

Tell me why I'm alive but I can't make a move

I'm paralyzed, I'm paralyzed


Maybe it works out, maybe it works out and maybe it doesn't

Maybe quit thinkin', maybe quit thinkin' and start doin' somethin'

Maybe we burn out, maybe we fly away, rise up above it

So baby quit thinkin', baby quit thinkin' and start doin' somethin'

(Verse 2)

I feel my blood raise, I'm spillin' my guts

I'm sick of just waitin', maybe I'll say too much, too much

Countin' the seconds, losin' my nerve

Keep second guessin', I know how this could hurt, could hurt

But why try if always 'almost' is the best I get to




In a crowded place it feels like just us two

I want to cross the line, want to see what we do

Neva hesitated with someone so long

Can we just admit that it's what we both want?



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