Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lankes - Bullet

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You came up to me, persistent as can be

You've done this thing a hundred times

I can neva tell, had me under yo spell

I fell for all yo stupid lines


Everyone told me

That I should know my worth

And then when u hold me

I know it shouldn't hurt


And so I took the nights and heights

And I just threw 'em in the trash

They didn't matter at all

And I played my favorite song

Turned up the volume and I danced

I didn't care anymore


I'm betta than I've eva looked

And boy, I neva felt this cool

I saw u with that otha girl

And all I thought was, ooh

I dodged a bullet with u

(Verse 2)

Selfish lil mess, u hated all my friends

You always had to get away

Every night at three a.m.

You had a reason why u couldn't stay





Dodged a bullet with u



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