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Cheaper by the Dozen movie - Conant Gardens

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Song by Slum Village<br /><br>


Where we come from is a place we call Conant Gardens<br>

(Motown) We getting shit started<br>

If you every hear us say Magnet-net-net<br>


[Jay Dee]<br>

It's going down like that range rover<br>

When ladies see you they get the love hang over<br>

Day or a night if you wanna stay over<br>

You better have the will to bend over and take...<br>



Off your clothes in time..<br>

Conqueror, come back to give some of that old<br>

Pictual, actual, factual; Let Mac'll bring you the raw<br>

With gigantic flow that my people come to love<br>



Azurite, get down with it<br>

Can't fathom these brothers fantastic<br>

Uh, I heard cry when I dip that ass in some plastic<br>

How could you master, you deal with rappin' bastards<br>

Because you asked us if we could bring you fashions<br>

Fascists , because we turn this rap shit into something tragic<br>

I didn't wanna have to put you in some action<br>

Uh, I know you asked but did you really wanna have it?<br>

See, I cause havoc like a loaded automatic...<br>


[Jay Dee]<br>


How do you like me now nigga, you know my style say WORD<br>

I'm from the city where we know for slayin' pounds of herb<br>

Getting dough is a must, and it's the money making its<br>

Yo, the never faking its creating shit that's taking your hoe<br>

After the show you know I step up in the place...<br>



...when I step up in the place<br>

Mind Is not strong enough, to hold me back,<br>

The tools you lack, the skills you deal,<br>

Lyrics to kill, cars to deal,<br>

Cops to peel, image too real!<br>



Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...<br>

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come, on...<br>

Do it, do it , do it, come on, come on, do it do it...<br>


[Jay Dee]<br>

Back again from the bank baby, common my chain<br>

Chains for most of these cats probably cop my rings<br>

Quick, fast, and always got a way to get cash<br>

Whiplash is what you get when you mashing the gas<br>

If you ask, you might catch me...<br>



...You might catch me on my rental<br>

Won't catch me in tinted windows<br>

Might catch me ???<br>

Or various instrumentals and yo...<br>

Got a whole crew and my crew is monumental and yo...<br>

You need to lo and behold these innuendos<br>



Its just the fine talk<br>

Mac'll come with tracks, you relaxe-d<br>

My rhyme is universal like a elastic-uh<br>

I hope you feel me like you feel your past-or<br>


[Jay Dee]<br>

...What do you ???<br>

And you so used to bab-bl-ing<br>

??? Cause we mas-tered this rap shit<br>

Pockets get madder cause its hitting so imma-culate<br>

You like the way it goes down when S attacks-it<br>

It will get tragic when the S is on the mission...<br>



...The S is on a mission again<br>

So listen! Relax, take a seat in the place<br>

Its livin! Living up to expectations and still<br>

Rippin! With rhymes and filling the chrome<br>

Dippin! Cruising the neighborhood is just local<br>




As for my memory, we were meant to be.<br>

I am the soul Melchizedk, from the D<br>

Role of the world, ever see, who got the Key<br>

Its gonna take a master, yo, yo, the S, S<br>



Where we come from is a place we call Conant Gardens<br>

Motown, we getting shit started<br>

We don't stop, we don't quit...<br>

We just do it, do it, do it, do it do it,<br>

Come on, come on, come on, come on,<br>

Yo, yo, yo...<br>


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