CHE FU - Misty Frequencies

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Local boy, neighborhood, easy as the breeze in spring time, he don’t talk too much, when he does the room gets luminous, light everywhere he said earlier this year he tuned down real low searching on the hi-fi radio and then something moved him, he’s never been the same since


Listening, on the, misty, frequencies [x2]

She walks real slow pace, she knows where she be going international, life style control amplified by what she knows, knap sacks, head phones, she be stepping with that rugged flow, she powerful, her minds on audio.


Listening, on the, misty, frequencies [x3]

More than sound, more than words, must be keeping them healthy, what you hear what you see ain’t always what it’s supposed, to be, we tune down real low, searching on the hi-fi radio, for something with that feeling, we alive again

[Chorus Out:]

Listening, on the, misty, frequencies [x4]

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