Chase Coy

Chase Coy - Fixing Me

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I'm growing up I'm working on these flaws of mine

I'm letting go of pride and shedding this disguise

I'm facing all the facts, I'm trying to improve

I'm cleaning up my act, and I'm doing it just for you

'Cause I am broken (I am broken would you fix me baby?)

But you are perfect (you are perfect would you fix me baby?)

And you are putting me together like a puzzle, piece by piece

Darling don't you know your fixing me?

I am leaving for the road, and I am leaving you behind

But I swear I will come back, and I will call you every night

I am facing all my fears, and I'm trying to improve

I have been this way for years but I'd gladly change for you

And I never thought I could ever be with you

And I never wanted to change before,but now I do

Cause I am broken and you are perfect

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