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Charlie Wilson - Me and You Forever lyrics

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From the time we wake up in the morning

Baby, till the sun starts rising

Open your eyes, you'll be smiling

Cuz my love is here, at your door

We got in a perfect time

Cuz I don't want you feelin' lonely

No games, no lie, cuz I'm aiming for


(Me and You Forever)

Am I asking for too much?

I'll be selfish with your love

Till the end of time

(Me and You Forever)

Oh, every day that turned to night

I will stay here by your side

Makin' the lovin' vibe fo'eva, yeah

(Verse 2)

Girl, I wanna be that soul(?)

I'll be there when the world gets colder

I know we will grow a lil older

I'm not goin' anywhere

We can ride on the wings of love

Fly a mile and the skies we're touching

You ain't gotta want fo' nothin'

Cuz I'm aimin' fo'



As long as you have me, I have you

We got everything we need

As long we're we, and we believe

We don't have to let go, no

Me and you forever


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