Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich - Take Time to Love

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(Tony Joe White - Donnie Fritts)

I awoke late last night and and heard you cryin' softly by the window

I walked across the floor to ask what's wrong

And as I put my arms around your shoulders

Right away I knew it had been too long

Since we'd walked hand in hand by the river

Or late for hours watching skies above

Or let our eyes hold each other close to crowded room

So long since we had taken time to love

We've got to take some time for understanding

Or let long and winding road back to love

Let's don't let our story have a sad sad and blue

We've got to pick the time to love.

So baby come and lay back down beside me

And let me hold you close and keep you warm

We don't need no special plans for tomorrow

Together we will take it as it cools

And we'll walk hand in hand by the river

And late for hours watching skies above

Taking time to find out all the good things we once had

Taking time to love taking time to love...

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