Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich - Mama Take Me Home

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(Carmol Taylor)

I saw a man walk from a bar today and staggered all around

I've heard a scream and saw the car that knocked him to the ground

A silver haired ol' lady rushed to him and raised his head

He must have thought she was his mama because these words he said.

Mama my wife has gone and left me

Mama she left with my best friend

Mama I was coming home to tell you

So mama take me home and help me live and love again.

I saw him laying there his broken body wrecked with pain

I wanted so to help him but I was too ashamed

He rolled his head from side to side struggling for his life

You don't know how I felt cause I'm the friend that took his wife.

Mama they took my babies from me

Mama she loves another man

Mama it's gettin' hard to see now

So mama take me home and let me live and love again...

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