Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich - July 12, 1939

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(Norro Wilson)

July the 12th sho' was a scorcher

Mama she'd fixed some lemonade

Sister Beth was sunnin' in the sunshine

Baby Cory was a playin' in the shade.

I looked up the road yonder comes a big car

Somethin' we don't see much around here

Big man said son where's your pappy

Said he's over in the cornfield not far from here.

They started taking over by the rail fence

It looked like papa was a gettin' mad

They walked to the house and papa was a cryin'

Papa never cried and I knew it was bad.

Two weeks later in the Logan Courthouse

Raining cats and dogs outside

Sure was awful the way mama was a cryin'

She said she thought that woman had lied.

Papa siad Judge we tried to raise up a good boy

From a little bitty tot

Jody'd never go against of what a woman wishes

That kind of boy we know that he's not.

You know the power of the almighty dollar

Will come out the winner every time

That Willie Buchanan done got away with something

And they're tryin' to blame that boy of mine.

Hmh, hmh, hmm, hmm, July the 12th 1939

Hmh, hmh, hmm, hmm...

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